Thursday, April 23, 2015


One thing I absolutely love about coaching parent tot classes is the hard work that those athletes do without anyone realizing it.  I think we see things like this video and just think about how crazy those kids are.

I mean, seriously. Crazy.  But then I think.  How many times have I seen my athletes do things like that?  Granted, the distraction factor is always there for that age, but sometimes we don't give them credit for how much they do learn and how much they stick with it.

For my parent-tot classes, we do pretty much the exact same set-up for a month.  By week three, the kids get it.  They are mastering it, and they can try harder skills.  They stick with it, even more than I think older athletes do sometimes.  And I love them for it.  

We should all learn a little work ethic from a toddler trying to get out of their crib :)

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