Monday, April 27, 2015

Little Einsteins

I overheard a child the other day asking a question about a quote that they didn't get.  The adult the proceeded to ask how old the child was, and then said, oh don't worry about it, forget it (as in you are too young to understand so I am not going to bother to explain it to you).  I HATE THAT.  

As a coach, or parent, or adult in general, we have a responsibility to answer questions.  I know sometimes the questions seem pointless, or that they are too young to understand, but I have found that most of the time, if you take the time to make an effort to answer, they get it.

Take for example teaching a child how to climb.  You would think it would be natural instinct, right?  Just hop on up there kiddo.  Come sit by me on the couch, climb up on my bed, get into the car, etc.  But, as I'm sure you have seen, the kid takes too long and we get impatient and just say, oh they are too little, I will do it for them.  

But, if we take the minute to break it down....

Here is where it is easier to get on.  It is easiest if you roll sideways and get one leg up and use the side of the block to hold onto.  Then use your other arm to pull your other leg up with your strong muscles.  (It's the same thing for rock climbers/boulderers as they talk each other through tricky routes).  Why should we teach kids any different?

Here's to my next couple segments:  Breaking down skills so even a TWO year old can understand :)
Let me know if there is a specific skill you have troubles with!


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