Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Adding Fun!

When I set up circuits, whether it be for parent-tot, or team, I always try to work in one fun station.  For team, I try to add something that might be a station trying a new skill, or a contest.  For preschool, I try to sneak in a fun skill training station with some of the "trickier" skills we will be working on that day.   The fun station is always one that the kids can do without me there spotting.  

You would be surprised at how many kids don't use slides these days.  Slides are great for all the following reasons:
  • They are great for conquering fears for little ones with the height and speed that they can go.  
  • It is also good for teaching safety (always go down the slide not up, and always go down toes first!)
  • Slides also work on body control and core strength!  They have to hold their bodies upright.
  • Safe landing positions.  I use a target at the end of a slide to teach our "stick it" position as they finish their turn.  Slide down to stick for "one gymnastics two gymnastics".
Not only all these, but another reason why you should have a slide is that they are super easy to clean in your gym!  I am all about things that are easy to sanitize for the little ones.  Birthday parties, camps and field trips love them too!

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