Monday, March 2, 2015


Little did you know that the crawling that gymnastics teachers are having your child do is helping their development!  All those tunnels, sneaking through the gym, pretending to be a snake will build them in a way that walking does not.  

Here are five simple ways how:

1)  Teaches eye tracking with hand placement- Eye tracking has been proven to lead to better reading and cognitive skills

2) Strengthens arms

3) Strengthens torso

4) Increased hand-eye coordination

5) Decreased Tonic Neck Syndrome (head is better able to be supported upright)

What can you do to help?  Find ways to encourage crawling!  Here are a couple of my favorites that I use in class: pretend to be different animals, crawl up and down surfaces, crawl under things or through things, crawl to sneak away from the bad guys and using their hands to touch or hit different props as they crawl.

Even as they get more advanced and older, crawling leads to knee scales and balance skills on the beam, table drops on trampolines and towards handstands, cartwheels, and hand grips on the bars!

Happy Crawling!

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